What could be more convenient than a pharmacy right inside your health facility? In an effort to save you both time and money, all three of our locations have on-site pharmacies while CCPC and MJW have a convenient drive-thru window. All sites offer discount pricing, extended open hours, and an automated refill system that gives you a phone call when your medications are ready.

RHS offers a free medication list to all of our uninsured patients for diabetes, mental health, antibiotics, heart health, and blood pressure. Ask a pharmacist about this list and how we can assist you. We also participate in prescription assistance programs for our patients. Follow the buttons below for more info.

340B Program

Rural Health Services, Inc pharmacies are 340B funded, meaning we provide prescription drugs to all people at discounted prices. Our patients tend to save 25% to 50% on their prescription needs by using our pharmacy. Our goal is to make drugs affordable for those that may be low-income or uninsured. We also offer free medications to uninsured patients that may not be able to afford medications even at the discounted rates. The savings generated by the 340B program are reinvested in the health centers to support key services and expand access to medically vulnerable patients.Without 340B, communities nationwide would suffer as healthcare services would be unaffordable.

Services offered include:

  • Medication assisted treatment for substance use disorder
  • Expanded access to treatment for infectious diseases (Hepatitis, HIV, Pre-exposure prophylaxis, etc)
  • Free glucometer for uninsured patients
  • Copay Assistance for Brand Name Medications
  • Clinical Pharmacy
Who is eligible:

Rural Health Services, Inc patients of all age with or without insuranceBenefits of using RHS pharmacy:

  • 3 onsite pharmacies
  • We have the best prices in town
  • Mobile App for refills
  • You receive more comprehensive care
  • We deliver your medications