Here at RHS, our Registered Dietitians work with clients of all ages to provide nutrition counselling for a wide variety of conditions including diabetes, hypertension, pregnancy, and hyperlipidemia in addition to helping people meet their weight management goals. With proper nutrition education and continuous support, we hope to empower our clients to make sustainable changes to their diet to support long-term improvements to health and weight status. Our goal is to give clients the confidence to make their own dietary decisions that support their individual goals.

In addition to providing education and support, our dietitians can provide recommendations and answer your questions regarding vitamins/minerals, herbs, and other types of dietary supplements, but are unable to prescribe medications, such as weight loss pills. Working with your primary health provider, our dietitians can help you improve your health status, manage chronic conditions, and reach and maintain a healthy weight.

If you’re interested in seeing one of our dietitians, please talk with your primary care provider at your next appointment to receive a referral.