Agricultural Workers Program

Rural Health Services, Inc. Agricultural Workers Program serves our Aiken Community, to provide accessible and high-quality care to seasonal and migratory agricultural workers whose primary employment is in crops and animal products.


  • Titan Peach Farms
  • Costa Layman
  • Dixie Belle
  • Gurosik’s Berry Plantation (Watsonia)
  • Jerrold A Watson & Sons (Big Smile)
  • Three Star Vineyard
  • Walther Potato Farm

If you know of any farms in Aiken County or surrounding areas that could benefit from our services, please reach out to Wendy or Karla at 803-618-9015.

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Main location: 1000 Clyburn Place, Aiken, SC 29801
Mobile unit location: Will be updated based on event location.
Hours: Monday-Friday 8-5PM
Phone: 803-618-9015

Our Team

Jose Mendoza

Hi, my name is Jose Mendoza, I am RHS’s newest agricultural program worker. While in high school, during my spring breaks, I would volunteer at a similar program in NC that my sister was working at. Volunteering there opened my eyes to the agricultural world and how many migrant workers were lacking basic healthcare. My parents were agricultural workers when they first arrived in the US, so when I look at agricultural workers, I see my own family. I am from Fairfield, California. We moved to SC when I was still young, and we have lived here ever since. My hobbies include playing sports, listening to audiobooks, hiking, and watching movies. My life motto is “If you don’t do it, who will?”

Wendy Lopez

I serve as the Agricultural Worker Program Coordinator and have been serving the community for six total years. I am originally from Los Angeles, CA but was raised in SC. My greatest passion is to help the Latino community in any way possible.